Principal’s Spotlight | February 2019

As we welcome our 2019 student cohort and their families to The McDonald College, I reflect on our 35th year since we first opened our doors in 1984. Back then our aim was to ensure our students received a rigorous academic education enriched by daily immersion in performance.

Our aim remains but the 2019 student cohort is so different when compared to the 1984 cohort, as is our academic and performance offering and environment. What hasn’t changed is our determination to ignite our students’ curiosity as they embrace the innovative and contemporary ways of learning and performing to keep all their options open beyond school.

To kickstart the year, parents and carers are invited to attend the year group information breakfasts for the Secondary students and the Information evening for the Junior students. This is a valuable opportunity for you to hear about the learning planned for your child and how you can stay abreast of assessment tasks and other expectations through the College Portal.

The 2019 printed College Calendar has been distributed to the students. I recommend you highlight the activities pertinent to your child and use this document when planning family events. I stress the requirement that students are not unnecessarily absent from school. We encourage all families to book holidays outside of term time to ensure that students are not missing out on learning time.

I look forward to meeting new parents again at the New Parent’s Cocktail Party on February 15 and I hope all families will come together to enjoy the festivities of the Prefect’s Concert on March 22.

Working together, we can make 2019 a year of discovery and performance for your child.


Maxine Kohler, MEd