That’s a wrap for our new kids on the block

The McDonald College welcomed kindy students in 2021 for the first time in more than a decade.

As they completed their first term, Laila said her favourite thing about school is “doing somersaults” but she admitted “learning counting” is a handy skill to have acquired too.

Aya can now identify every letter in the alphabet, something she couldn’t do on her first day in January, just nine weeks earlier. “And I get to do a little bit of art every day,” she said.

For Waverley the “best thing (about big school) is playing with the kids”. Nicky agreed school is “very exciting”. “I made Ava as a friend,” he said.

Ava has put her educational journey into perspective: “I’m only five but I love the numbers”. She liked being able to see the trees outside her classroom window. Atilla is proud of having learnt his letters through a collection of colourful characters on the classroom wall.

Our Kindergarten Teacher is also new to The McDonald College in 2021. “The tight knit community is really lovely,” she said. “I’m loving the small class size because I can give the students close attention.”

She previously taught at a co-ed private school with more than 20 children allocated to each class. She said the children’s almost daily performing arts classes are already having an impact on their classroom learning. “Every day they have something different in their timetable that extends them,” she said. Classes in dance, music, gymnastics, acting and French take the children beyond the NSW curriculum.

“I feel like they are more confident,” she said.

Acting training has meant their news presentation skills are strong. The games they play in drama help when it comes time to take turns and work collegiately. In music they are developing an ear that assists with learning language. Dance and gym sessions are aiding their motor skills and brain development.

“Performing arts is not part of the curriculum, it’s a free space and it’s authentic and so their independence has rocketed,” she said. “I also really like how engaged and kind the older students are with the little ones. My class is really obsessed with them.”

Families interested in K-2 for their child are encouraged to register for an upcoming Experience Day: