Kiara Fung

Kiara is a NYC-based actor who recently graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Kiara was born in Hong Kong, China, growing up there as well as in Byron Bay, a small surf town on the east coast of Australia. During her early years, Kiara had set her sights on being a prima ballerina and was trained as a classical ballet dancer under Margaret Horan (former Australian Ballet dancer).

Having no interest in acting at first, a dance injury changed the course of her interest. While recovering from her injury, David Swann (Australian veteran TV director) directed a play for the drama class at Kiara’s high school. After being pushed by the director to “act and have fun” – something she thought she could never do in the context of a play – she turned down an offer to a pre-professional ballet program and instead chose to pursue a career in acting. At age 17, she moved to Sydney where she was accepted into The McDonald College of Performing Arts and trained in the Acting stream.

After taking nine months to travel, work and volunteer around the world, Kiara begun her two-year conservatory training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, later graduating in 2017.