Senior Contemporary Dance Program

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Welcome to the Senior Contemporary Dance Program in association with Sydney Dance Company and The McDonald College. This program will enable students in Years 10-12 to engage all aspects of Contemporary Dance training and academic studies at The McDonald College, inclusive of the NSW Higher School Certificate.

Students will develop their technical skills and artistry while working with choreographers and educators pioneering their art form. Students may come from a variety of diverse dance backgrounds and will train towards an elite contemporary dance career as an ensemble member of a full-time dance company, an independent dancer, choreographer, director, dance educator, or an integral collaborator in any creative environment. 

“No matter where your interests lie within dance, developing a creative and contemporary mind will enable you to flourish within the greater arts community.” Linda Gamblin, Head of Training, Sydney Dance Company


Senior Contemporary Dance Program

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2022 – Year 10, 11 & 12

  • *Please note that this program is for senior high school students only
  • Entry into Year 12 is subject by approval based on student’s academic status


In-Person Audition Friday 22 October at 1pm

Families interested in the program are encouraged to submit their interest on the link below. Our College Registrar will be in touch with families once the EOI is received.

Prospective students must submit an Application for Enrolment Form (along with supporting documentation) to the Registrar prior to attending the audition. Please note that the Application Fee must be paid prior to auditions.


Students commence at 8.30am and finish at 4.40pm on most days except Thursday (3.40pm finish). There are a total of 10 hours per week allocated for SCDP classes, which are integrated around the school’s academic timetable.

Students will study a range of subjects across dance including Ballet, Technique, Repertoire, Choreographic Development and more. Each term students will get to experience teachings from different guest teachers, choreographers and dance practitioners.

When required, students will also be invited to attend Sydney Dance Company workshops and class viewings. This will be scheduled during performing arts time. 


Senior Contemporary Dance Program I Meet Linda Gamblin